Saturday, August 25, 2012

5 beautiful overweight models

Being a model is usually initiated by women tend to be very slim and even skinny. But now that assumption seems to have been broken by female models with large body size but able to be models of the world.

Model beautiful woman does have the body beyond the average size but their beauty and sexiness is not lost with slim female models who are already famous. Five beautiful female model proves that free they still should emigrate to the modeling world with plus size body.

5. Ashley Graham

Seeing her beautiful face is not surprising that the model beautiful woman is very overweight behavior to be a lingerie model. Graham was a big man, but despite being able to show her sexiness.

4. Barbara Brickner

Model beautiful women who are overweight have indeed pursue work in the modeling world for over 10 years. Brickner has been widely used by designers including an Italian company Elena Miro. Not only that Brickner also opened a maternity clothes themselves were labeled BB Martenity and sold at various department stores in the United States.
3. Christina Mendez

Beautiful female model with body size is plus model in the world made ​​history by becoming the first big Hispanic models in various fashion shows. Who is not interested in seeing her beautiful face much less sexy though she is a big man.

2. Fluvia Lucerda

Beauty and sexiness beautiful female models from Brazil this is not denied. He previously worked as a nanny in New York. career peaked when a magazine editor asked her to be a model. In fact he is now referred to as Gisele Bundchen fat version.

1. Tara Lynn

If you see a photograph of her beautiful and sexy Tara Lynn is natural to be one of the models most sexy chubby woman in the world. Tara Lynn is a plus-size model of a well-known through the cover of French Elle magazine model. Lynn proves that the trend in modeling and fashion has changed and the fat can be sexy too.


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