Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Male of the world's most beautiful version of Miss Tiffany

Behind the incredible beauty, the real Nong Poy is a man who did a sex change at age 17.

"Women" transgender born 1984 has a height 171 cm, body size: 33-24-36 and weight: 48 kg.

Feminine soul had begun he had been since he was in elementary school. He felt he was better suited to have a woman's body and he had dreamed of becoming a woman but her parents before she acts like a boy. Because he felt uncomfortable with the 'organ' her man she do surgery at the age of 17 years.

At first she was very afraid of the surgery, but after consulting many doctors ultimately he decided to perform surgery. The process is very painful operation for the POY. He suffered great pain, but for the sake of his goal of being a woman, she seemed not to care about the pain at the time. After he turned into a 'woman' pain was regarded as payment in kind. 

Two years after surgery, Nong Poy has won a beauty contest 'Miss Tiffany' when he was 19 years old. In the same year, Nong Poy becomes Miss International Queen (lady-boy) 2004. He is increasingly valued not only because of international accomplishments he achieved. However, the beauty (face) he acquired a naturally occurring post-surgery and hormone therapy. Unlike other trasgender women, Nong Poy did not do plastic surgery on her face. He just did surgery on her body and replace a woman's genitals.


Therefore, he was flooded with ordered items as model, advertisement star, host of the event in Thailand. In addition to beautiful, Nong Poy also smart and talented. Brains and beauty can eventually be accepted by the public Thailand. Least because he has brought the name of Thailand in the international arena.

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