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6 Shape Lip Woman Reflects Personality

That said, those who have thin lips is the figure of a communicative, sociable and chatty. While they were thick-lipped, tend to be closed and a bit shy. Hmm ... it may be true, but the lips are not only the physical form is divided into two, and quite complex.
Basically lip was divided between thick and thin, but the width of the lips also add physical differences lips. There is also a symmetrical lips, the same size and proportion. However, some are asymmetrical, the right corner and left a bit different.

Interestingly, each of these forms reveals the personality of a woman.

1. Full lips
    This lip is thick and full size. The form also contains dense and tends to form curves,

    those lips like this, for example: Angelina Jolie, Titi DJ, Megan Fox.

In general, those with full lips tend to love adventure and challenges. They like to pamper themselves and belong to someone who dared. They do not like organized, and tend to be vocal. They are an independent figure, active, and sexy.

2. Thin lips and Width
    Thin lips, and tend to expand wider than others while smiling. Those who have lips like this, 
    for example: Luna Maya, Acha Septriasa, Anne Hathaway, Rossa.

People like this tend to be popular and had many friends. Perfectionist in terms of jobs, got a lot of talent, and likely accompanied by success. You do not like to be pressed and set up, you believe that you can determine their own destiny and not depend on others.

3. Small and thick lips
    Its size is small, but the lip is self contained and not thin. The shape is almost round like buttons. 
    Those who have lips like this, for example: Drew Barrymore, Agnes Monica, Chelsea Olivia. 

Their curiosity about something very big, they are also very attractive. Among others, they have a rebellious nature. Easy to make friends and always the center of attention.

4. Small and thin lips
    The size is small and thin, sometimes lips with this trait tend to be asymmetrical. 
    Those who have lips like this, for example: Kate Hudson, Inneke Koesherawati, 
    Reese Witherspoon, Nirina Zubir, Zora, Meychan.

They are very thorough and cares about the little things. Sensitive, and has a keen intuition. Simply open but not rare on several occasions suddenly became shy. Do not like to pretend, and love to perform what it is.

5. Bow-shaped lips

    The shape resembles a heart and inflates like a bow. normal size and not too wide. 
    However, the lower lip tends to be slightly larger. Those who have lips like this, 
    for example: Hayden Panettiere, Sandra Dewi, Asmirandah.

They are an independent figure, expressive and never cover up what they feel. Do not fear the future and tend vocals. They are brave and not afraid of responsibility issued sharp criticism.

6. thick lips

    The shape proportioned, but thick on both sides (top and bottom). Normal lip shape 
    and less curves. Those who have lips like this, for example: Natalie Portman, Julia Perez, 
    Titi Kamal, Rianti Cartwright.

They are mysterious, and tend to be closed about personal matters. Intelligent and very interesting, but difficult to predict. They are not easily satisfied and it is difficult to be wooed.
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