Friday, September 7, 2012

Most Beautiful Women In China

Many people say beauty is relative. This opinion was apparently not approved by Chinese media.

The model named Ai Shangzhen mentioned having a perfect beauty throughout China. This opinion refers to the detailed studies by examining the size of the girl's face and body. magazine reported, several media infotainment China choose the data body of the girl was 24 years old. As a result, his symmetry is considered ideal. Height is 1.8 meters and the perfection plus another girl with a body circumference between 90-60-90.

Shangzhen now undergoing her job as a television presenter and film stars. Women from Chongqing province since two years wrestling in Hong Kong modeling industry.

for perfection, many of the accused Shangzhen plastic surgery. He considered such accused person had to meet his parents. "The penuding must meet both of my parents to let them know the authenticity of my face," he said.

Women graduates of Wuhan University is even embarrassed by the state of his body. Shangzen claimed as a teenager to feel inferior because it has a body that is too high.

Apparently, having a perfect beauty is touted China's media is not always right. proved Shangzhen only won two in a beauty contest Miss China in 2008.


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