Thursday, September 6, 2012

5 Dreams are often experienced by women

Women were more likely to have a dream 'wild' than men. In fact, compared to men, women are also more likely to have nightmares. This is according to research from a team of University of the West of England, UK.
Reporting from The Sun, from 19 percent of men who have nightmares, there are 30 percent of women who also had a bad dream. Estimated that this happens because of hormonal fluctuations in women. This triggers changes in body temperature and makes women more frequently had nightmares and weird.

Also note there are 5 Dreams are often experienced by women. Find out what these dreams and their meanings.

1. Fly, jump or dive
The meaning of this dream is that you are going through a period of positive change in personality. Think carefully, what is best for you. Maximize skills on it and make repairs to cover the shortfall.

2. Spending time with celebrities, friends or colleagues who sexy

This dream illustrates the desire fulfillment classic and symbolic. Mind you during sleep, carried to the fun, that you dare not go in real life. Just enjoy this dream, because no one harmed. If indeed you want to pursue, do it. But make sure no one was hurt.

3. Finding the money or come to a party.

This could be the fulfillment of a desire or symbolizes something that happens to you. Not necessarily related to money. Find out what makes you 'established' emotionally. Both in terms of career and relationships. Focus on these things because it will make you more confident to face the obstacle.

4. Being a good boy at school.

There's someone you want to create pride and joy, can your boss, co-worker or spouse. Back to school age represents the time when we have to please people like teachers. Know the reasons why you have the desire to please others. Are you trying to get a good image in front of them? Or, maybe, you're trying too hard and become an obsession?

5. Having beautiful hair, sexy body and a more attractive appearance.

It's also a classic dream of having a perfect appearance. Or maybe, you consciously feel very confident with the quality they have. Focus on increasing the positive aspects of his personality and not physical. Then, 'Spread' to loved ones


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