Wednesday, September 5, 2012

japanese girl bath can increase phone sales

Bathing habits of young Japanese women was found to be a blessing for some local phone manufacturer. Fujitsu and Panasonic that had stopped selling phones in 2005 due to strong competition, is now resurgent.

They seemed to find specific market, where the product is intended for those times that the Japanese girl. Apparently, young Japanese women like disposable cell phone in the bath.

"In Japan, you can not sell the phone if it is not waterproof. Approximately 95 percent of phones sold here waterproof. This has become a necessity," says Panasonic director Taro Itakura the Mobile World Congress, as reported by AFP.

This fact was not wasted. All the mobile phone manufacturers in Japan now include waterproof feature in their products. The domestic market is always a savior.


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